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Meet Uni

We love it when our readers send us their adorable doggy pics and stories to share with our jolly community of dog lovers.

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Recently we were contacted by our reader Dora who sent in these wonderful pictures of her pup named Uni—whose name, as we've been informed is correctly pronounced "Uhnee."

Over to Dora ...

Play with your pup from anywhere.

Uni is two years old now, she and her three siblings were abandoned by their previous owner and eventually ended up in a shelter. I adopted Uni from a very young age, she was only eight weeks old.

She loves people's company, loves giving kisses, licking people's faces and, of course, being petted.

She plays with other dogs daily, she has her own play mates, she's friendly, loving and well behaved ... well, most of the time anyway. Sometimes Uni will play chase my cat Mircea around a bit too much, but they are like brother and sister.

Uni is such a bright dog, watching her inquisitively explore and interact with the world around her is fascinating. She learns quick and training her is never a chore.

I love her to bits!

I can't imagine my life without her now, she's become an integral part of my days. She's my sweet, energetic, bundle of joy.

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