Meet Logan: A Story of Perseverance

Meet Logan.

Logan's story is one of perseverance and one we felt compelled to share.

Logan is a eight-year-old Maltese x Poodle from Vancouver, British Columbia. His owner, Emily, sent us some pictures along with the following story below ...

Logan and Cat

Logan was brought home as a surprise Christmas gift to me. My sister and mother snuck him into the house the night before Christmas. They were quite secretive and I had no idea there was a new, cute puppy in my sister’s room the whole night.

On Christmas morning, they placed him in a cardboard box and presented him to me. I was so excited I cried. I’d wanted a puppy for so long and couldn’t believe this warm, fuzzy creature in front of me was real.

It took no time at all for Logan to adapt to life in our home. Within a few days, it felt like he had always been part of the family. He cuddled with the kitten, ran around with the other dogs, and fell asleep next to me every night.

One day, Logan seemed to be in pain and we couldn’t figure out what the problem was. When we took him to the vet, they also struggled to diagnose a condition. Unfortunately, by the time the problem was discovered, there was not much that could be done.

Logan had suffered a herniated disc with a hematoma. Despite being rushed into surgery, Logan became partially paralyzed. His hind legs could no longer function properly. The vet suggested that since Logan received no injury to cause this, it was most likely a condition he was born with.

While that was a hard time for our family, it also brought us closer together. We rallied behind Logan as he went to hydrotherapy and physiotherapy appointments.

Today, Logan has a special harness that allows his hind end to be slightly elevated for walks. He charges around the park at top speed to greet the other dogs. Fearless and feisty, he lets everyone know how he’s doing and what he wants.

When others see him at the park, they usually have questions about his unusual harness. They are always impressed with how well Logan hurries around, despite his paralysis.

Adjusting to life with a partially paralyzed dog was not easy, but Logan is such a sweet and special part of the family that he makes it all worth it.

Logan in the Snow

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