Layla the Smiling Puppy

Meet Layla - Try Not to Smile

Confession: this might be an impossible challenge.

There's nothing quite as adorable as seeing a happy, smiling pup!

We know you feel the same.

Everyone wants to have a strong foundation with their dog, one that supports a healthy lifelong bond.

Of course, those kinds of relationships are no accident and require a diligent, proactive approach to puppy management.

Not so long ago we came across the video below that illustrates everything we strive for when providing information and stories on successful puppy ownership.

It’s such a heartwarming story that we knew I had to share it with you.

Stories like this are what inspire us to do the work we do. It’s our hope that every puppy finds as wonderful a home as this little cutie did. 

Play with your pup from anywhere.

Layla, the canine star of the video below was rescued at 7-weeks-old by Beaumont Animal Care in Texas.

They found the sweet pup abandoned on a busy highway, narrowly avoiding the passing traffic. We don’t know how she ended up there, but we're so glad she found her way to safety.

Although she was initially frightened, the staff at Beaumont Animal Care quickly won Layla over with their kindness. Once she flashed them her charming smile, they knew they had to post about her on social media.

Nicola and her husband were the first ones to come meet Layla, and obviously had their hearts stolen right away.

Even though they were already the happy parents of three dogs and two cats, they knew Layla was “meant to be” a part of their family.

Although not all the other canine family members were instantly in love with Layla, it didn’t take long for her to charm her way into their hearts, too.

Despite Layla’s tough start in life, her story now has a beautiful ending.

She’s a bundle of unconditional love that wants nothing more than to spend time with her family, running to greet them whenever they arrive home.

See this little angel in action by watching the video below.

Layla’s case provides an insightful example of the wonder of adoption.

Whenever one thinks of bringing a puppy into their lives, ideally all options should be considered, including adoption.

Even when looking for a certain breed, you can search for local breed rescues and become an approved adopter, and then be put on a waiting list for when a puppy arrives.

By the way, if this incredible video isn’t a strong enough “fix” for you, I’ve got your back.

Go take a look at Layla’s very own Instagram page to see what the sweetheart is up to lately.

So, did you make it through the video without smiling?

Yeah, neither did we!

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