Harris in the Car

Meet Harris: The Wirehaired Hungarian Vizsla

Young and growing fast, Harris (pedigree name: Newbold Gabor) has already made a bright and lasting impression on our reader Ewan and his family.

Below, Ewan talks about his Wirehaired Hungarian Vizsla with a passion and enthusiasm, which coupled with the fantastic images sent in we just had to share.

Harris as a Puppy

As I write this, Harris is 17 weeks old and what an impact he has made! I had the privilege of being able to spend time with Harris as a young puppy. First meeting him at 15 days old and then once or twice a week for the next 6 weeks before bringing him home.

Watching him develop from a puppy just opening his eyes, to a happy puppy bounding back across the beach to command has been brilliant. In just 7 short weeks Harris has done amazingly well.

We are a multi dog family and Harris has joined a 10 year old Working Cocker Spaniel, Bella. We have nicknamed her Nanna Bella as she has been doing a lot of work entertaining and teaching.

This is not however the first time we have had two dogs. We lost Jazz (German Wirehaired Pointer) last year and whilst we humans have felt the loss, Bella certainly did too. It took a while for Bella to get used to having this hyper little puppy in her life, but she is now rejuvenated for it.

Play time was tentative at first, but with a bit of encouragement and a few good toys introduced, they were away. Bella found her confidence again and started teaching Harris how to really play! They now bound around the house taunting each other with toys or just generally baiting to play.

To see them curled up sleeping together is also a joy to see.

Harris and I have been going to training classes for puppy socialization, and so I can learn more about bringing a dog along. A combination of this and a lot of work at home, I have a very content little doggy.

We just need to work on our meet and greet, as Harris is a jumpy pup. But the world is exciting, and there's only so much you can expect from a young pup. Actually, we're just heading out to the beach now to work on this and have some fun.

Two months and Harris has brought so much energy, happiness and joy. I cant wait for the years to come.

Harris and Bella

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