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Dear doggy lover,

Whether you’ve had a dog in the past or embarking on this adventure for the very first time, bringing home and raising a new puppy is daunting.

There’s so much to think about that it can feel like you’re bound to forget something important.

Here at the Jolly Paws Gazette, we’re a family of dog lovers.

We know what it’s like to obsess over your pooch. We are very familiar with that desire to “get it right.”

Dog parks. Vet offices. Pet stores. The internet! It seems like everywhere you look there are people with different opinions about the right way to raise your puppy.

Bringing home a pup should be exciting, not confusing!

With all of this chaos, it can be hard to tune out all of the noise.

It takes real effort to properly rear a puppy, the last thing you want is confusion as you're trying to figure out what’s right for you and your dog.

That’s exactly why we created the Jolly Paws Gazette.

The JPG is your insight into raising a problem-free, confident and happy dog. It's designed to help you provide the best care with the minimum of error.

Inside you'll find smart step-by-step training plans that work, guides to socialization and preventing frustrating behavior problems such as biting, chewing, excessive barking and more ...

You'll also have access to expert advice on health and nutrition, articles on play time and fun activities, heartwarming and inspiring stories, plus exclusive deals on top selling dog products!

But that's not all! Keep reading to find out more ...

“As someone who volunteers at the local dog shelter and has been fostering dogs my whole adult life, I didn’t expect to learn something new in every single edition, but I do. If it weren’t for the JPG, I wouldn’t have noticed the subtle signs that my Bulldog has inhalant allergies. Thanks JPG!”

Kali N.

There's nothing more exciting than bringing a puppy home for the very first time.

It's hard to put into words the ridiculous joy of watching your new pal explore their new home.

Watching their little tail wiggle waggle around, energy filling them from head to paws, fascination taking them over every newly explored sound, smell or object.

It's a truly special time for you and your family, and especially special for your pup!

But, here's the thing ...

Caring for and raising a new puppy to become a well-adjusted dog and true member of the family, looking after their health, and keeping them happy is not always straightforward.

You have to get their nutrition right, learn to spot signs of ill-health, try out various training methods, deal with behavior problems, work out how to provide for their physical needs and so on and so forth.

Without the right advice and guidance it's easy for it all to become overwhelming.

The sad truth is that a lack of effort in acquiring the knowledge required to bring up a puppy correctly is one of the main reasons dog-owner partnerships fail.

Wonderfully, the fact you're here reading this shows that you're ready to discover the knowledge you need to build a harmonious relationship and bring up a happy, healthy pup.

If you'd like to go above and beyond as a puppy parent and want a healthy, well-balanced and confident dog, the Jolly Paws Gazette has been crafted just for you.

“I subscribed to the JPG on a whim and half-expected to cancel in a month. Now, it’s one of my favorite reads and I end up counting down the days till it comes out every month.”

Thomas B.

What You'll Receive With Your Subscription

  • Practical Advice & Guidance:  Unlike many publications that fluff up their content, the Jolly Paws Gazette is here to add real value and make your life easier. We cover a wide range of topics, such as: getting your pup's diet right, looking after your pup's health, effectively dealing with behavior problems, simple training that works, fun activities, play time and a lot more.
  • Exclusive Deals & Discounts:  We're constantly in contact with different suppliers, negotiating and securing you fantastic deals on popular dogs products you'll love. Most of these special offers are exclusively only available to our members. A subscription to the JPG really does pay for itself.
  • Heartwarming & Inspiring Reader Stories:  Everyone loves a good story, especially ones involving our furry friends. Here at the JPG we love hearing from our readers and give you the opportunity to share your best stories with a community of doggy lovers just like you.
  • Reader Q&A:  Have a question but you’re not sure where to go? Let us know! We’ll pass it on to our resident experts and answer your most pressing questions.
  • Premium E-mail Content:  Our goal is to make your subscription as valuable as possible. On top of the monthly issues, we send out premium e-mail content exclusively only available to our members. Our readers love our e-mails and we're confident you will do to.
  • Contests & Prizes:  Access our contests and enter to win doggy prizes! We hold regular contests for our readers as an extra treat for being part of the pack.
  • 100% Tested & Proven:  Don’t get your advice from outdated articles online, or YouTube videos that anyone could've created. The Jolly Paws Gazette is your trusted resource to providing for, living with and getting the most out of an incredible animal and a beautiful partnership.
  • A Digital & Easy To Read Copy:  We’re big fans of the environment, so we’ve decided to go paperless. Each month you'll receive access to the JPG as a digital PDF document via e-mail. You’ll be able to download and read the JPG on any device, whether you’re at home or on the go. If you do prefer a hard copy, all our pages are printer friendly.

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Why is this important?

  • It means we only share content and recommendations because we truly believe they’re WORTH it. All of the tips, tricks and products you’ll see have been used by us and we love their results!
  • It’s also the reason why we can’t release the JPG for free. In order to provide you with reliable, trustworthy guidance, we can’t have biased sponsors dictating what we say.

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