Bruno the Boxer

Bruno The Brilliant Bouncy Boxer

If you've been to our website before, by now you're probably well aware that we love sharing our readers inspiring and adorable stories, and doggy pics.

When our reader Claudia sent us her story, all about Bruno the Boxer, and how her and her husband connected with their brilliant pup, we knew we had to get it straight up on site and out to you, our readers.

Bruno is an exceptionally cute Boxer, always curious and eager to sniff, and although an adult dog now, still seems to find the world around him extremely fascinating.

Let's let Claudia take it away, and tell us how it all came about and what it's like living with Bruno the Boxer.

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When I was younger my family used to own a Boxer, so naturally when it came to me and my partner getting our first dog together, in my mind it had to be a Boxer!

It took some doing for me to convince my husband, since, he apparently had "a more logical" point of view and wanted to get an easier breed to manage.

But eventually, after some tactful persuasion and plenty of YouTube vids showing off Boxers in all their glory -- the search was on!

Luckily it didn't take too long for us to find a descent sounding breeder, and before we knew it, we were in the car and on our way for our visit.

To say I was excited may be a slight understatement.

I remember the drive seemed to take forever and a day, but, at some point we arrived at the breeders home where the puppies were being kept.

We knocked, made our introductions, and shortly after were taken to a room at the back of the house. The door was closed, my face grinning widely, and as we entered the room we were greeted by a convoy of the most adorable Boxer pups I had ever seem darting towards us!

I couldn't contain myself and instantly dropped to the floor to greet these wonderful puppies right back.
Of course, my hubby was the one with all the questions, mainly just conversing with the breeder, while I for the most part, was down with the pups and having a great time in my own little world.

I must admit, I had a bit of a soft spot for all the pups I met that day, but as the famous quote from the film Highlander goes, "there can be only one" (unfortunately).

Still, despite wanting to take all the puppies home, there was one particular puppy which I felt the strongest connection with. As soon as we made contact there was a feeling I can't quite explain, an inner tingle of sorts and I knew this one was our extra special pup.

It was our brilliant Bruno!

Bruno on the Couch

If you're wondering, it was my hubby who chose the name Bruno, after all, I guess I did get to pick the breed so it was only fair to let him have that.

In typical fashion (for my husband) the name Bruno comes through a more logical decision, to name our dog after Frank Bruno, a British Boxer my hubby used to watch on TV.

Luckily, I actually always thought the name was quite good, so, "Bruno" it was!

Bruno is a real character.

Every time I look at him I find myself grinning.

He's sheer curiosity with the world around him (even now after some years) is amazing. Everything has to be explored, sniffed and inspected. Usualy followed by a tilting head and an expression of fascination.
He's a true explorer at heart and the whole process is exceptionally adorable.

Bruno is joyful, energetic and full of life, and despite having one of those typical moody Boxer looks, he's always a cheery soul.

He loves hiding behind things (not very well might I add) and then comes galloping out towards me.

When I feed him, he not only wags his tail, but his whole bottom starts bouncing and dancing around, even while he's eating. I've never seen anything quite like it -- I love it!

The connection me and my family have built with him is unreal, and now we just couldn't imagine our lives without our brilliant, bouncy, Bruno.

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